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Back row: Scott Timmins, Rachel Mudditt, George Metcalf, Woody Taylor, Danielle Cassidy, front row: Graham Davison and Spencer Davies

Total BGS Energy expands its North East presence

Energy specialist Total BGS Energy is setting the stage for future growth, with the expansion of its operations at the North East BIC.

Having started from the BIC’s coworking hub in 2019, the company has steadily grown its footprint, culminating in its recent move to a larger, unified space.

Founded in 2008 as an electrical contractor, Total BGS Energy underwent a transformative journey four years ago to also provide comprehensive turnkey services to developers, builders, and consultants with a team of 25 members of staff.

The expansion underscores the company’s expertise in navigating challenges within the post-COVID business landscape, including responding to utility price hikes and changes in government support.

The new premises mark a strategic move to accommodate the company’s growing operations and solidify its position as a leader in the industry. Since its inception, Total BGS Energy has experienced significant expansion, starting with only three team members working from its coworking hub and with each phase of growth, additional offices were acquired to accommodate its expanding team.

Graham Davison, head of energy and site works at Total BGS Energy, said: “After COVID, it was companies like ours who had to pick up the pieces after utility prices had become extortionate.

“Our commitment to doing things in an ethical and transparent way has been the driving force behind our growth. Recently, we have even expanded into waste management, creating five jobs in the local area to supplement our national sales force.”

Total BGS

The recent move to a larger office space reflects the company’s commitment to providing a conducive work environment for its team.

Graham continued: “The reason we chose the BIC was its amazing flexibility. We used to have a downstairs and upstairs office in the same block, but it was very disconnected and disjointed. So, our tenancy was coming to an end, and we reached out to the BIC. They’re great, there’s so much space for us here, and we have a lot more scope to grow even further.”

The expanded office includes dedicated spaces for various sectors within the company, including specialised areas for filming, team meetings, hot desking and more.

Graham said: “The BIC is just a good place to be, it’s got great scope for movement and everything you really need is on-site. There’s a great community here at the BIC. Personally, I have used quite a few services on site, and it’s nice to have visiting businesses too.

“We use the café every day, my barber is now on site, and we have even used the pregnancy scan studio based here too! You can find anything you need here. Our business cards used to be printed in Nottingham and now they’re getting printed just down the road onsite.”

Total BGS Energy also has plans to further grow into a more environmentally focused and renewable-oriented business, contributing to the broader shift towards sustainable practices in the industry.

Paul McEldon OBE, chief executive of the North East BIC, said: “We have been really impressed by the achievements of Total BGS Energy.

“They have effortlessly woven themselves into the fabric of our community here at the BIC. It is so amazing to see how dedicated the are to expanding their team and their dedication to investing in the region. Long may it continue.”

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