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Our association with the EU has been a thread that has run tightly through the BIC’s fabric since its inception in 1994.

Responding to the demise of traditional industries in the 1980s, a small team of visionaries established the BIC based on the EU BIC model, which provided the perfect blueprint to develop a business centre and infrastructure to support a new breed of innovative companies on what was a former shipbuilding site.

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EBN member

The BIC is a member of the European Business and Innovation Centre Network and is Europe’s largest innovation partner network. This group of around 110 quality-certified EU|BICs support the growth of innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs across the continent.

The EBN network is made up of a range of organisations, including business support organisations, universities, business schools and innovation parks from across the world. A community of professionals, members share knowledge and best practice on supporting businesses to grow in the most effective, efficient and sustainable way.

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“Being an active member of the truly international EU BIC community is perhaps more important than ever, creating added value for our customers and seeking partnerships and collaborating to support our mission to help businesses start and thrive. We will continue to share the message that the UK is an attractive place to do business and promoting the benefits of collaboration with UK companies and key sectors.”

Soft landing in the UK

If you have international aspirations for your business, the Soft Landing programme will provide you with the intensive support required to expand into the UK market and break down any barriers to international growth.

Our expert team will work with you to develop a bespoke expert strategy that meets your exact needs, including:

BIC International - Soft Landing

"During our first week in Sunderland, our mentors have introduced us to some fantastic business networking events and innovative companies. Business culture in the UK encourages collaboration and sharing of ideas with other like-minded professionals. I am sure we will all gain invaluable experience to develop our businesses and make new contacts."

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Contact the team today to find out how you could benefit from your own bespoke Soft Landing programme.