Turning adversity into opportunity

Choice Wellbeing
Dan and Tracey Huggins, founders of Choice Wellbeing Service CIC

We understand the challenges that businesses face here at the BIC, especially when times are tough.

Adversity is inevitable. We all face tests in our personal and professional lives, however if history has taught us anything about adversity, it’s that how we deal with these challenges often defines what we can achieve.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed inspiring stories of businesses turning adversity into opportunity, proving that it is possible to thrive and grow even after overcoming the most difficult of hurdles.

What can help businesses overcome adversity…

Becoming comfortable with discomfort
The key to turning adversity into opportunity is to become comfortable with everything that scares you. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing discomfort. When you learn to tolerate this discomfort, you become better equipped to face challenges head-on. It’s a mindset shift that allows you to navigate the unknown with confidence and courage.

Reworking your perspective
Changing your perspective on adversity is easier said than done. Negativity often feels like a more natural response, but focusing on the negatives can hinder your progress. By actively looking for the positives in even the smallest things, you can shift your mindset.

Building resilience and embracing failure
Building resilience takes time and effort. Overcoming small hurdles gradually builds confidence. One crucial aspect of turning adversity into opportunity is treating failure as a valuable learning experience. Without failures, there is no learning, so accepting defeats and using them as stepping stones is essential. Each failure brings with it an opportunity to grow, learn and come back stronger.

Support Systems
Navigating adversity is tough, but having a network of support systems can make a significant difference. Whether it’s friends, family, or mentors, having people to lean on can provide the emotional support needed during challenging times. Support can come in various forms, from a cup of tea with a friend to professional guidance from mentors who have faced similar challenges.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of people set up and grow their businesses, from start-up’s to established companies, many of which have done so by turning adversity into opportunity.

Here are just a few such stories of remarkable resilience…

Choice Wellbeing Service CIC

Faced with the challenges of caring for their daughter with additional needs, Tracey and Dan Huggins founded Choice Wellbeing Service CIC. They identified a gap in support for parents facing similar challenges and created an organisation offering counselling, well-being activities, and more. Their personal adversity led to a service that supports many others in similar situations.

The Sole Guyy
Elliott Usher, The Sole Guyy

The Sole Guyy

Aged just 16, Elliot Usher started ‘The Sole Guyy’, an online store specialising in rare trainers. Choosing not to follow traditional education paths, Elliott used adversity as a motivation to prove that age and experience is not a factor when setting up a business. Starting with a small investment, he transformed it into a successful business which has gone from strength to strength.

SPACE North East

James Fildes faced mental health struggles and felt the lack of support for men in similar situations. He founded SPACE North East, a men’s mental health group, to reduce suicides in the North East. With the support of the BIC, James turned personal adversity into an opportunity to make a positive impact on others’ lives.

KT Heart Art

Karen Hughes turned the grief of losing her sister into an opportunity to help others cope with loss. Through her art, she launched KT Heart Art, spreading the message that ‘Love is stronger than loss’. Karen’s journey shows that creativity and passion can be powerful tools for healing and transformation.

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